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Out of the ashes of the global pandemic came online presentations. Camera club talks and presentations can be delivered across the internet and throughout 2020/1 more and more camera clubs have been using remote meeting services such as Zoom in order for presenters to deliver talks – it also avoids the need for travel expenses.

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After a packed 2020 & 2021 delivering more than 200 talks all over the world – I now have talks booked well into 2025 using this system.

See below for how these work – I have priced these sessions/talks the same based on the club/group size, with prices at either £70 or £95.

Drop me an email to or use the button below to get in touch:

Now taking bookings into 2025


Abandoned Architecture

My original talk - highlighting my journey and ten years behind a camera. Designed to inspire the listener through my journey with a camera as well as my love for travel & hidden architecture.

Sands of Time

Throughout 2019, I visited three ghost towns that were left abandoned in the desert, Kolmanskop, Elizabeth Bay, Al Madam - in this talk we look at the challenges I faced along the path to capturing beautiful shots. This is the presentation follow up to my abandoned architecture talk.

Lebanon; A Paradise Lost

This is a talk based all on my journey to Lebanon and how the series inspired me eventually to return to photograph an entire photography book. We look at the inspiration, the lost heritage, and more.

Lost in Cappadocia

A brand new talk - highlighting the gems to be discovered when you head off the beaten path in search of something new, exciting - This is still VERY much an architecture photography talk. It is a stand-alone talk.


Usually the clubs provide the Zoom or Go2Meeting links, at the mutually agreed time we all log on and the lecture is delivered. Zoom allows meetings of up to 100 people and you can participate in your lounge on your PC, tablet or smart phone. If you add in a microphone you can also ask questions of the speaker and converse with other members too.


Online, you will see my PowerPoint presentation on your screens and hear my voice. You can also see my webcam if you choose – but the presentation is visual.

run time

Sessions usually last around 2 hours because time is also made at the end for a Q&A session, with a 10-minute in the middle. A part that usually goes well online.


I’m more than happy to fit in with whichever software fits your needs, but Zoom & Go2Meeting I have used glitch-free. I have a pro zoom licence and can host.

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Since 2017, I have undertaken talks at the Norwich University of Arts, and more than thirty camera clubs, (often being asked to return). I have also delivered kit demonstrations and talks for brands at WEX Photographic and The Photography Show (UK), during this time. My rates start at £200 for these face-to-face presentations.

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