Limited Edition

HAND SIGNED book - £36.99

Travel the world with me in search of the most impressive dilapidated buildings, through this 96-page Limited Edition coffee table book.

Containing an extensive overview of my work over the last 8 years has been a long time in the making and is a collaboration alongside Galerie Post + Garcia, writer Thijs Lenssen (who wrote an essay about my journey into decay during this time), and Goodman & Co – my long-standing art agency based in The Netherlands.

Containing over 70 works, all of which were selected from collections of my work during this period. This includes “Decadence“, “Neglected“, and “A Paradise Lost” and “Uninhabited“. Come and discover the unmistakable beauty of these deserted places seen across the world.

Every copy of this book is sold hand-signed inside and shall be despatched from The Netherlands books leaving the warehouse every 10 days. This means sometimes deliveries (on opposite sides of the world for example can be up to 4 weeks). 



Containing over 70 works across 96 pages, all of which were selected from collections of my work during an 8 year period.


Written by Thijs Lenssen, in a collaboration with Galerie Post + Garcia (Peter Post and Paloma García Garbí).

limited edition

Produced in The Netherlands as a total one-off publication and limited to 1500 copies. Sold primarily in galleries across Holland and Europe. Part of the deal means I only have 250 copies in total to sell here, on my website.


page designs

The idea for this collaboration came about in 2019. Paloma, one part-owner of Galerie Post + García had been on an adventure tour to Georgia that I had run in the Spring. Upon returning to The Netherlands, Paloma spoke to her business partner, Peter about the idea for a book collaboration using my works.

Back in 2017, whilst visiting Andre who runs my agency Goodman & Co (also based in the Netherlands) we had floated the idea of producing a unique art book together at some point – with the idea to use some of my best images. However, back then I had only been producing photogenic artwork in the genre for around 3 years.

However, Andre knew Paloma as he had been supplying my work to Galerie Post + García since 2015. Roll forward to January 2020 and the collaboration grew – as Paloma and Andre after some discussions found a book publisher willing to undertake the project, art book producer Van Spijk

Each page of Fabrica is beautifully designed, by Dutch-based Studio Gijs Dragt to make my works pop off the page. With the book printed on the finest quality photo papers.

I shall be selling just 250 copies of the coffee table book from this website, which shall be despatched from The Netherlands and will be hand-signed.

JUST £36.99 - SIGNED!! 


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