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My Short Story

In 2014, I began shooting my first abandoned building series ‘Decadence’, and six years on I have now built up a large portfolio taken in some of the most striking locations in Europe and beyond. My primary focus is capturing rich colour palettes and straight lines in the camera, then utilising modern post-processing techniques to develop each photograph. Some of my work has been shortlisted in several competitions, most recently a category winner for Architecture in both the Chromatic colour awards and the ND Awards 2017, and in March 2018, I was runner up in the Architecture category of the IPOTY competition – and recently, my image “Circle of Trust”, shot in Beirut, Lebanon in 2019 was shortlisted in the exterior category for the architectural photographer of the year for 2021.

As you will see from my portfolio, travel plays a huge part in my image-making. I have always been fascinated by different cultures, foods, textures and colours. It is this love for travel, combined with my deep passion for photography, that keeps me motivated and dedicated to putting in the long lonely hours of research and logistical planning to then get out with the camera time and time again.

You can keep up with my travels through any of my social media accounts below, or by signing up for my newsletter on the contact page. If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch – I love hearing from people all over the world.