Many visitors to İstanbul never actually make it out of Sultanahmet. And while this is a shame, it’s hardly surprising. After all, not many cities have such a concentration of historic sights, shopping precincts, hotels, and eateries – all within easy walking distance. The neighbourhood is a showcase of the city’s glorious past, crammed with mosques, palaces, and houses dating from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

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During this one-day walking tour, we leave that hustle and bustle of Sultanahmet behind, as we start the tour in search of the famous wooden houses, buried in the parts less touristic parts of this area, of the city. Turkey possesses an extraordinarily long and well-documented history of building with wood – and we discover many of these houses as we commence the urban tour.

We also hop on board a boat and cross the Bosphorus straight, to take a trip into another popular district, where we search the neighbourhood for ruins & relics once again. Including the trip highlights as we gain permission to photograph historic and beautiful, yet derelict mansion.

We start and end the day in the Kadıköy district in the Asian side of Istanbul, and we do catch a ferry during this day out. Just book a date to suit your needs, I will be in touch with more details and then – away we go!


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Urban Tour


Access to locations

Access to locations, including a stunning Ottoman-era mansion, with an unknown construction date, pre-1894.

Food & Drink

Breakfast each morning is included in this tour package, provided through the hotel. Some refreshments are provided throughout this tour and I also provide water throughout.

Group Size

The group size will depend on you - with a maximum of 7 people (plus myself), couples welcome.


Time with me to talk to myself or other participants about your travels, photography, and of course your gear - all weekend.

Transfers Istanbul

Our meeting spot for this tour is in Istanbul, from here we travel together to either Istanbul or Sabiha Gokcen Airport (transport provided). We take an internal flight.

Walking Tour

A guided walk around the streets of Istanbul, we visit the old town and a lesser-visited district - getting to the area by boat taxi.

These one-day walking tours are designed for people that cannot attend a week-long adventure but would love to discover some of the city’s hidden architectural gems during their trip or holiday. Maybe a week is too long for you, maybe you don’t have the budget – well try this one-day option instead.

We will be hunting out great image opportunities, following a tour route that I have designed entirely from the ground up. We seek out a mix of interiors and architecture across Istanbul, that I have researched or previously visited. There is no maximum group size, your group can relax and take in our splendid surroundings as well as focus on your photography.

*Note: The itinerary in Turkey is not set in stone and can change based on environmental variables.


We start at 0900am (with coffee) and aim to finish between 6 and 7 pm, on your chosen day. We stop for a brief bite to eat at the mid-way point to keep your energy up.

All the photographs are yours to keep from this weekend – and, I can help you to create the best results possible, should you need help!


Since I began to run tours in 2018, I have always thought it would be good to start to give something back in these areas that I travel to, to help with a little upkeep to the buildings that I frequent.

So, during this tour – I donate money towards the upkeep and eventual repair of one of our venues, this is in exchange for access to a Heritage building.


A better understanding of composition and how to find a unique angle in tight spaces. During our adventure, I can help you, should you require this guidance – and talk you through the key elements to producing a great image. Key elements such as techniques, composition, subject choice, as well as timing, and light. We also discuss understanding light, and how it can impact the mood of the image and the key technical elements if needed.

Understanding why it is important to slow down and think carefully about taking fewer but technically better images. I will also chat with you about the technical aspects of photography, helping you understand your camera and settings whilst keeping it simple.

An understanding of how to effectively get the most out of your image in post-processing with Lightroom.

The key aim of our time together in Turkey is to have fun and enjoy being together, whilst leaving inspired to take photos for your own photography portfolio. Oh and new friends, as well as memories, to last a lifetime!


Should you have any other questions please email me on

Some elements of this trip will require walking and sometimes over rough ground – so be sure to bring proper walking boots or other outdoor footwear.

  • There could be storms, or it may be raining at points so maybe bring a raincoat.
  • Walking boots.
  • Lots of spare batteries (as they will soon run flat) and memory cards.
  • A sturdy tripod – 99% of my work is shot using a tripod (a loan could be arranged if you tell me in advance.
  • Manual for your camera.
  • Laptop for editing during the week (if interested/mentioned in the tour listed).
  • Phone.
  • Power adaptor(s).
  • Any personal expenses/gifts for friends etc.
  • Alcohol costs – accept where stated in the welcome pack.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Photography Insurance.
  • Some food might not be included – check welcome pack for details.
  • International air tickets – See “how do I fly” section for more information on flights.
  • Visa fees (if applicable) – but I can offer advice or assistance.
  • Photography equipment, although some hire can be arranged through James in advance.

Since the global pandemic hit us all in Spring 2020 – huge changes have hit the travel industry and multiple airlines/carriers have changed routes/destinations. My best advice is to look on Skyscanner – but also don’t rule out looking on airlines sites directly for flights, such as on Ryanair, Pegasus or Middle Eastern Airlines. Sometimes deals don’t pop up on sites like Skyscanner and things are changing/improving daily – Wizz air for instance had lots of options change in mid 2020 – but have said they are revising routes daily throughout the rest of 2020.

I would also STRONGLY advise booking directly with airlines for the foreseeable future – as should the worst happen, you would stand in a better position to get a refund or to make a claim through your insurance firm. In other words – don’t book with firms that act like agencies ( etc.

For this trip please check with me if you are ensure which airport to fly into or out of. If unsure, please email me on