21st – 28th September 2024
Welcome to Romania, a region of the world teeming with hidden gems and beautiful architecture as well as the forgotten and abandoned. The West in particular offers a captivating blend and as you embark on this off-the-beaten-path style photography tour, be prepared to immerse yourself in the beauty of structures that have weathered the passage of time. Transylvania and the West, characterized by a rich historical tapestry, and offers a treasure trove of hidden architectural marvels waiting to be discovered. From forgotten castles and mansions to Synagogues and quaint old towns, this region is our playground as we concentrate on architecture and off-the-beaten-path sites during these urban adventures.

about the destination

We uncover Romania’s hidden treasures – a realm where aged, and sometimes deserted structures unveil their mystique to perceptive photographers. From forsaken castles to elegant palaces, industrial relics, and forgotten synagogues, seize an unrivaled canvas for capturing the extraordinary. Join fellow photographers and urban enthusiasts on an immersive 8-day odyssey, featuring a captivating tour of Bucharest’s historic architecture.

You can relax knowing that your convenience and comfort come first. I have carefully chosen the best driver to take you to each photography location. I take care of every detail, including the overnight accommodation – so you can relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings, putting all of your attention to your photography and the experience.

This trip starts and concludes in Timișoara and it is designed to accommodate six guests, with the tour requiring a minimum of five participants to commence. This trip is now sold out, you can join the waiting list by emailing me at or look to join my 2025 edition to Eastern Romania, with more information here.


8 Days







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Airport collection and drop off is included. You shall be collected at anytime the day prior by a dedicated driver who will bring you to our accommodation.


Of course, I provide the wheels, the fuel and the driver throughout your stay in Romania. This usually includes airport transfers upon arrival and pre departure.


8 nights of accommodation (includes night prior) – as usual where possible you get your own room and private bathroom across the length of the tour.

Heritage Tour

The key objective of my Urban Orientated Tours is to make donations made to local Heritage Initiatives, caretakers and suppliers around Romania.

Group Size

Maximum of 6 guests – plus a driver and of course myself leading the group. This is a tried and tested group size, the tour needs 5 to run.

Post Processing (Q&A)

I host a Q&A about post-processing techniques over a spot of lunch, in a cool venue over lunch/dinner during this tour.


Breakfasts included, including coffee, tea, bread, med style breakfast and fruit, bagels – served in the hotels/accommodation.

Support & Guidance

8 days’ of photography guidance or advice with myself James Kerwin – we can discuss gear, editing, or travelling.

A Good Balance

This time of year offers an excellent balance of some ‘down’ time in the evening, whilst still affording a great amount of daylight.

My photography, travel, and urban adventure tours are aimed at any level of photographer who is looking to improve their photography and meet like-minded people who love travel. From beginners looking to understand the basics and improve, to advanced photographers searching for great locations to rekindle or feed their enthusiasm and inspiration or perhaps wanting to know how to use a specific lens.

We will be hunting out great image opportunities like this throughout your time in Romania, following a tour route that I have designed entirely from the ground up during 2022 and 2023. We seek out a mix of interiors and architecture as well as iconic locations and extraordinary places that I have researched and previously visited.

This trip starts and ends in Timișoara in Romania’s West. An exact itinerary will be provided by February 2024 (as a more comprehensive guide will be sent in the welcome pack) but here are some examples of what we could visit:

We take a look at many stunning disused Synagogues with beautiful features.

A visit to a huge former spa town, with once casinos, baths, hotels and more.

We visit a handful of heritage buildings across Romania.

We shoot exteriors in a stunning old town of a historic city called Arad.

We photograph beautiful church ruins, each unique and spectacular.

A couple of landscape photography spots.

We step into the heart of Oradea Old Town, where narrow cobblestone streets wind through a labyrinth of interesting buildings.

This trip’s main focus is Transylvania and Western Romania, although the route may differ slightly (compared to April 2024), as we hit the highlights – I will do my best to keep the driving time to a minimum, but please do keep in mind that Romania is a large country, so some longer drives between destinations might be inevitable.

*Note: As mentioned the itinerary in Romania is not set in stone and can change based on environmental variables. This is to maximise the guest experience but a guide shall be sent out in early 2024.

The Synagogue

Nestled discreetly within the diverse cities of Eastern Romania, enchanting synagogues serve as silent testaments to a profound Jewish heritage. Some lie hidden in the heart of forgotten towns, resonating with the echoes of once-vibrant communities. Others, now abandoned, carry the burden of untold stories. And this is just a segment of our journey!

A Unique Route

The loop we undertake consists of Cluj, Oradea, Arad, and Timisoara. Our lens will focus on iconic architecture, and the tales hidden in the West of Romania. But the journey doesn’t stop at the city limits – as we ascend into the enchanting hills of Transylvania, the landscape transforms into a tapestry of rolling meadows, quaint villages, and of course Castles.


Arad has a beautiful architectural landscape that showcases its fascinating past and many different cultural influences. Baroque and Art Nouveau are juxtaposed, resulting in an intriguing visual tapestry that enthrals both locals and tourists. We walk Arad’s old town picking out magnificent façades and elaborate details.


My photography, travel, and urban adventure tours are aimed at any level of photographer who is looking to improve their photography and meet like-minded people that love travel. From beginners looking to understand the basics and improve, to advanced photographers searching for great locations to rekindle or feed their enthusiasm and inspiration or perhaps wanting to know how to use a specific lens.

The key aim of our time together is to have fun and enjoy being outdoors, whilst leaving inspired to take photos for your photography portfolio. However, during our adventure, I can help you, should you require this guidance – and talk you through the key elements of producing a great image. Key elements such as post-processing techniques, composition, and subject choice as well as timing and light.

I will also chat with you about the technical aspects of photography, helping you understand your camera and settings whilst keeping it simple. The typical areas that we discuss will be the exposure triangle of f-stop, ISO, and shutter speed, but also, composition and finding unique angles.

We also discuss understanding light and how it can impact the mood of an image and the key technical elements if needed.


Should you have any other questions please email me on


Throughout the trip, I do my best to provide you with amazing accommodation, but what you get might not be 5-star throughout. Particularly during our time in rural areas, some modern luxuries simply won’t be available despite us staying in a nice hotel. However, we can guarantee the essentials you’ll need in order to enjoy your stay: warmth, good food; power plugs for charging batteries; plus a modern, heated bus, and comfortable beds. The wifi will be at least consistent, if not necessarily fast.

Activity Level

Some elements of this trip will require walking and sometimes over rough ground – so be sure to bring proper walking boots or other outdoor footwear. You’ll also need warm outerwear.

  • What Should I Bring With Me?
  • There could be storms, or it may be raining at points so maybe bring a raincoat.
  • Enough clothes for the entire trip.
  • Solid boots – such as walking boots.
  • Lots of spare batteries (as they will soon run flat) and memory cards.
  • A sturdy tripod – 99% of my work is shot using a tripod (a loan could be arranged if you tell me in advance).
  • Manual for your camera.
  • Laptop for editing during the week (if interested/mentioned in the tour listed).
  • Phone – wifi will be provided at hotels.
  • Power adaptor(s).
  • Check the welcome pack for any additions to this list.

Welcome to…

Once you arrive in the coutry and settle in at our Hotel – we’ll gather for a brief welcome and introduction, this will be mentioned in the WELCOME PACK and on the Whats App group chat (that I will set up prior). The aim here is to get together to chat about travel, cameras, and all the things we’ll see in our time together.


We’ll arrange transportation for you back to the relevant airport and from here, head homeward or onto your next destination. If you’d like to extend your time in the destination, I will be happy to offer advice and suggestions of things to do and photograph.

Just make sure to let me know as it might be more convenient to stay in the same start/end hotel or accommodation spot. If this is the case, I will usually offer to book it for you (additional fee due upon check-in). 

All of my destinations are connected – it is key for me when I am choosing tour destinations. In the welcome pack – I will list the start and end destination for your tour. The pack will ALWAYS be sent out 6 months prior to the tour taking place. 

However, since the global pandemic hit us all in Spring 2020 – huge changes have hit the travel industry and multiple airlines/carriers have changed routes/destinations. My best advice is to look on Skyscanner – but also don’t rule out looking on airlines sites directly for flights, such as on Ryanair, Pegasus or Middle Eastern Airlines. Sometimes deals don’t pop up on sites like Skyscanner and things are changing/improving daily – Wizz air for instance had lots of options change in mid-2020 – but have said they are revising routes daily since 2022.

I would also STRONGLY advise booking directly with airlines for the foreseeable future – as should the worst happen, you would stand in a better position to get a refund or to make a claim through your insurance firm. In other words – don’t book with firms that act like agencies ( etc.

I can highly recommend Turkish Airlines as one example – they have been “photographer friendly” since 2020. But of course this only works if they fly to the tour spot. 

For this trip please check with me if you are ensure which airport to fly into or out of. If unsure, please email me on

Sure you can – just make sure to let me know as it might be more convenient to stay in the same start/end hotel or accommodation spot. If this is the case, I will usually offer to book it for you (additional fee due upon check-in). 

  • Any personal expenses/gifts for friends etc.
  • Alcohol costs – accept where stated in the welcome pack.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Photography Insurance.
  • Some food might not be included – check welcome pack for details.
  • International air tickets – See “how do I fly” section for more information on flights.
  • Visa fees (if applicable) – but I can offer advice or assistance.
  • Photography equipment, although some hire can be arranged through James in advance.