Artistry 2022- 2024

Artistry – “A great skill in creative endeavors, using skill, touch, and taste”. Many abandoned places dot Europe’s historical landscapes, often hiding priceless treasures in the form of magnificent frescos, architectural details such as staircases, or perhaps furniture.

Artistry isn’t a series collection at this stage – it is simply a selection of new works, the page is regularly updated – and will be fine-tuned during 2024 / 25.

· Editions of 25 per format (Paper/Plexiglass) – My work is available in my print store.

Stop Motion / Italy

Some amazing details in this foyer of an abandoned castle/farmhouse. I took my time here to wait for the early morning light - created back in December 2021.

Golden Touches / Slovakia

A beautiful abandoned castle in the middle of Slovakia - inside the main hall lies an equally stunning piano, which makes for a lovely composition.

Indesign / Hungary

This small chapel is inside the grounds of a castle in Hungary - I had targeted this place after finding an image from the 1980's online days prior. A difficult one to capture originally due to harsh side lighting - it soon settled down.

Out of Tune / Romania

The same beautiful entrance balcony in a theatre in Romania. I love this piece also - I spotted the composition in my phone prior to creating it - the same goes for the previous orientation.

Fluteless / Romania

A beautiful entrance balcony in a theatre in Romania has two of these amazing flute playing statues on display, in gold. The space is very dark and backlit.

Keynote Presentation / Hungary

We begin in Hungary - a subtle room, soft hues and a beautiful piano sitting pretty in the curved section of the space.

Patiently Waiting / Turkey

Back in 2020 I spotted a mansion in Istanbul that was disused but looking beautiful inside & out - I looked through a side window and could see this.

Lemon Tree Vibes / Italy

A mansion in the heart of Tuscany, this room was the highlight. These days I believe the place has new owners and is under renovation. Good news!

Cut & Shut / Italy

A beautiful staircase that was difficult to line up, it resides in a huge abandoned palace in Southern Italy - the palace is interesting with great rooftop views.

Foundations / Italy

The overgrown entrance of a mansion on the coast. The place is so overgrown these days - with dog that never stops barking in the grounds.

Through the Roof / Italy

The ruins of a mansion near Venice. Nature reclaims many parts as the stairs crumble below - but still, the beauty shines through.

Stone Cold / Turkey

Occasionally you discover places were you least expect. This one I saw from the bus back in 2022 - and upon research realised it was disused. However, I didn't get to capture work here until 2024 after a long battle to get permisson.

Mausoleum / Romania

A beautiful mausoleum in central Romania. Painted in a unique set of colours, this place has long since been left to ruin. I visited twice over a two year period - with a behind the scenes created on my youtube channel during the second visit.

The Protagonist / Saudi Arabia

The dust build up on the floor of this long abandoned palace was incredible - you could see that nobody had been here for a very long time. This is the master bedroom.

Master Room / Saudi Arabia

Another master bedroom - this time in another (and larger) palace in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The colours here apparently had never changed due to the materials used in the construction - back in the 1800's.


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