AZURE (bLUE): 2023

Released late at the tail end of 2023 – this photography art series was a long time in the making. But with care, I have selected a captivating collection of works that explore the essence of blue tones and hues.

Looking deeper into these images they reveal a story, each piece has an architectural history as well as an element of neglect. Each piece in this collection is either dominated by the colour blue, or produces subtle kicks. This collection is a testament to the past, where beauty and blue have joined forces to produce a symphony of tales – from Italy to Georgia.

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The Clinic / Lebanon

An absolute gem of a room. I spent three hours waiting for the light to move out of my scene - it was a horrid distraction at first.

Wintergarden / Italy

A small greenhouse/wintergarden on the side of an also abandoned home that I visited in December 2021 - heavy snowfall fell outside.

Eagerly Awaiting / Türkiye

Mahmut Muhtar Pasha Mansion, which is known to have been built in the second half of the 19th century, is located in the Kadıköy district of Istanbul. Set in a 10-acre garden the oldest known period in the history of the mansion is between 1884 and 1894. It is known that an Englishman named Alfred Barker and his family lived in the mansion during those dates, the Barker family left Istanbul after the 1894 Istanbul earthquake.

Top Shot / Türkiye

After the Barkers, the mansion was purchased by the daughter of the Egyptian Khedive Ismail Pasha and wife of Mahmut Mukhtar Pasha. It stayed in the family until the 1960's - and while that lived in the mansion, there was a greeting hall, stables, a greenhouse, a kitchen, a dining hall and many trees in the garden. Between 1960 and 1971, these buildings were demolished during the construction of new school in the garden of the mansion.

Silk Road / Georgia

Tbilisi has changed, or perhaps I just remember different times. Either way, these days, I think it is on a strange path. This house - 125 years old - is next door to a construction site, which is causing damage to the family home. Exclusive to Tim Damas, January 2024

Celeste / Georgia

I discovered this old mansion in central Georgia after walking through my favourite city during the Summer of 2021. A beautiful old home with some lovely colours and features - I didn't have any kit with me upon discovering it - so had to return 3 months later armed with my equipment.

Centre Parting / Türkiye

A beautiful old greek Church that was converted in to a mosque before its closure after the Greek/Turkiye population exchange left the town empty. I have visited on many occasions and as far back as 2017. This work was created in 2021.

Ivory Palace / Türkiye

Light rays burst into an abandoned mansion, located in Istanbul. Inside there are beautiful art decorations on the ceilings, tiles and even cool drawings on some of the radiators here. I visited twice in the Spring of 2022.

Through The Wood / Turkiye

A derelict and disused manor house in Turkiye. With an array of colours - every room and the landing was very unique.

Blue Spot / Italy

A small chapel ruins in Italy with a small punch of blue at the rear. I captured some interesting lighting in this one - coming in from the door at the rear.

Re-Purposed / Türkiye

A former Othodox church in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. The ceiling colour here is the main draw.

Artistic Spaces / Italy

A stunning town mansion in the centre of a small town in Northern Italy. Each room is filled with stunning hand painted artworks.

Othodox / Romania

A small church ruins with amazing colours and details left on the walls in Romania. My composition had to be adjust here as the one in the vision wasn't available upon arriving to the space - due to a tree being felled.

The Mausoleum/ Romania

A winter visit to shoot this stunning room, a family mausoleam in Southern Romania. I actually shot a behind the scenes video for this one over on my YouTube channel.

Centre Parting / Southern Italy

An abandoned farm house in South Italy. A real tricky one to light. It took a combination of long exposures and I combined those together in Adobe Photoshop to create the final work. The Farm house was located very rural in South-East italy.

Plunge Pool / Italy

The ruins of a thermal bath in Italy, evidence of which dates back to 1266. The area also contained a hotel and a spa back in the day. You can see the behind the scenes of this creation on my youtube channel.

Split Frame / Lebanon

During the last three years, the entire contents have started to be stolen (including ancient furniture and metals) - and for that reason, it is now bolted and sealed with a metal door. I love the architecture, love the little zig-zag of the stairs cutting through the open door and I love the colours!

Ottoman Furniture / Lebanon

A small mansion that has been disused for many years in Lebanon. I was invited to photograph it a couple of years back - and to my surprise it was full of old Syrian/Ottoman wood furniture all beautifully carved and handmade. asking around - nobody knows how it arrived there.


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