CONCEALED 2015 - 2021

Concealed represents my movements throughout 2018 through 2021, looking behind closed doors in search of hidden architecture. Undertaking trips further afield outside the constraints of Europe, looking for the best in abandoned places, stunning hidden architecture, and ruins.

The images were shot in countries such as Georgia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Myanmar over an eighteen-month period.

– Limited Editions of 25 on plexiglass and 15 on paper. A selection of my top-selling works is now available in my print store. Is your favorite not inside there? Get in touch via email.

former hotel now residential block in Tbilisi

Drop Shadow | Georgia

Another angle of the same beautiful staircase in Tbilisi, upstairs of piece "Glimpse". This space was renovated with minimal features kept, in 2021.

curve stairs in georgia

S Curve | Georgia

Another staircase, this time inside a residential block in Tbilisi, Georgia. The S shape makes for an interesting visual.

Zig Zag | Georgia

A staircase that is hidden inside a House of Culture that is still partly in use in Western Georgia.

Hotel London staircase from bottom, Tbilisi

A Glimpse | Georgia

The stairwell and entrance of a residential block in the heart of downtown Tbilisi. This former hotel always photographs superbly.

Nature Strikes Back | Malaysia

The ruins of a mansion on penang island, Malaysia. I was bitten alive by mosquitoes during this visit.

Pretty in Pink | Georgia

This stunning set of pink stairs are hidden in the rural depths of Georgia. Many within the country know of its presence, which has thankfully saved it.

Top to Bottom | Georgia

This courtyard is hidden in the back streets of the old town in Tbilisi - hard to believe, but this house still plays home to a young family.

Natural Beauty | Georgia

Hidden in the West of Georgia in a small city is this stunning theatre entranceway. Yet to see guests after a renovation to the global pandemic.

Love | Georgia

A green staircase inside a former factory of sorts in Georgias capital, Tbilisi - this wascreated in 2021, the latest to enter this collection.

Plaques & Pictures | Georgia

A beautiful set of stairs in Western Georgia - located in a town famous for tea production during the Soviet era.

Mezzanine | Georgia

Closed since the 1950’s this former entertainment hall resides in Georgia - a beautiful former officers hall.

Making A Splash | Georgia

A former reservoir in Georgia, former USSR. This location was a joy to photograph - so much so I went back 6 times - to perfect the image!

The Jungle | Italy

A collapsed floor upstairs inside a villa in rural Italy.

mansion cracked in italy

Painting Over The Cracks | Italy

Italy has some stunning locations, this is a house in the Tuscany region.

The Plantation | Malaysia

This image I shot in an amazing abandoned mansion in Malaysia in December 2019, it resides inside a huge palm tree plantation. I added this to this series after some consideration.

The Splits | Taiwan

The ruins of a former school in Taiwan, I visited this location twice - as I believed it would be served best during golden hour. Taiwan was a cracking experience, this was one of my highlights.

Heritage Home | Georgia

Sitting rural - this former home was classified as a heritage piece only as recently as March 2019.

The Serpent | Myanmar

The stairwell and entrance of a former bank in Myanmar - this area played host to some beautiful heritage buildings.

spiral stairs with blue ceiling

Octagon | Myanmar (Burma)

A beauty from the depths of Myanmar - this building was once a bank, now it lies in ruin. This is shooting up at the ceiling above the spiral staircase.

Inducted | United Kingdom

The underneath of an ancient bridge in the United Kingdom - created in 2015 - while on location for another assignment.

Rules of Prayer | Turkey

The ruins of a mosque in Western Turkey, that I spotted on the side of the road, and created work inside in late 2019. I loved the orange hues on the walls here.

Twists & Soviet Twirls | Georgia

Lower Station of the Mtatsminda Cable Car in Tbilisi - a location now packed full of graffiti and trash sadly.

The Divided | Georgia

What remains of the former Karmir Avetaran Armenian Church, on the Eastern side of the river in Tbilisi.

abandoned mansion level 2, Georgia

Levels | Georgia

A stunning abandoned mansion that I discovered online, located on the black sea coast of Georgia. Visited on many occasions 2018 - 2022


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