A 2018 series release, showcasing former soviet architecture in the nation of Georgia and the war-torn region of Abhkazia, a disputed territory on the black sea sandwiched between Georgia and Russia.

Abhkazia, with a population of only around 340,000 is a land that although might not appeal to some – for me it sounded like a paradise, away from the usual tourist hustle and bustle and promising not only stunning raw landscapes but also thousands of decaying and abandoned buildings with lots of history attached.

However, we start off by looking at Tskaltubo – a former spa town that became defunct after the fall of the Soviet Union. However during the conflict the area became home to displaced person or war refugees – some thirty years on, many still reside in these derelict shells. 

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Sanatorim Iveria is one of the empty buildings situated in the centre of Tskaltubo. The building contains a stunning three level staircase.

Missing Parquet

A stripped floor inside the same Sanatorium, fails to hide the beauty and pastel colours in the ceiling.

The Sanctuary

A building very much now the home to IDP’s (Internally displaced person’s), being respectful here was paramount - I also had to ensure that I cleaned up the courtyard prior to taking my one photograph and also seek permission out of respect.

The Claw

This amazing building is 50% in use as well. It is distinctive as it has a yellow and blue dome with columns and a stunning trio of fantastic staircases, one of which is is heavy decay. In recent months graffiti has started to appear here, which is a real shame - especially as it is still resided in.

The Patrol Lookout

We thought we had missed the chance to see this former Sanatorium, turned out we were in time - just.


The grand hall looks a little worse for wear now - we just missed out on seeing the grand piano that once took centre stage in this room.

columns of a former hotel, santorium in Tskaltubo, Soviet Architecture


These arches are one of the towns highlights - they play host to wedding shoots each and every summer. However, this former spa sanatorium is still occupied.

hallway connecting hotel sections, Tskaltubo

Glass Houses

A corridor that connects two parts of a hotel. The derelict and recently renovated parts of a huge spa resort.

Cancelled For Now

The central train station was once a two tier building with details and beautiful architecture - some of that beauty still remains.

The Companionway

Another shot, of that beautiful staircase from the first piece. This time we look at an impression across.

Zig Zag

Shooting across another staircase, this is the ruins of a zig zag shaped staircase inside the swimmingpool of yet another ruined spa.

All Encompassing

Moving into Abkhazia now - A brightly coloured former Soviet theatre lights up what was a miserable day outside, Abkhazia 2018.

Abkhazian stairwell in Georgia, Santorium split stairs

Upstairs / Downstairs

Also in the De-Facto territory - A former Soviet Sanatorium come hotel that has been derelict since the war with Abkhazia in the 1990s.

The College

A derelict school that over-looks a former tea plantation wraps up the series and the works from Abkhazia as well.

Light Beam

This grand building was actually in one of the most disgusting states that I have ever seen, it is essentially now a drug den.

Room With A View

A lot of work was required to clean this up from the very recent graffiti in Photoshop - but I felt it was worth the effort to clean up this Sanatorium.

Abkhazian piano in soviet style hall

Baby Blue

A Baby Grand Piano sits on the stage of a former hospital entertainment hall - deep inside the territory.

Grand Station

The wing of a beautiful former train station in Abkhazia. The architecture we came for - despite the weather.

abkhazian staircase in former hotel and hospital


An abandoned sanatorium come hotel with so many nice staircase shots - this is one from the West wing.


The entrance to a park in the capital of the breakaway territory.

An Odd Connection

A derelict train station waiting room sits on a river at dusk - Abkhazia.


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