DOMUM DEI 2016 - 2017

A movement away from attending church has been ongoing for several decades now and the number of churches, chapels, and other religious buildings that are closing their doors every year is increasing. In wales, for example, the average Sunday attendance to church has fallen to below one percent of the population.

The British have lost faith in religion much faster than many areas of the world with the most recent survey stating that Britain appeared one of the most irreligious countries on earth, with only 30% calling themselves “religious”.

In this series entitled “Domum Dei” (simply meaning house of god in Latin), I take a look at just a small handful of the forgotten and derelict churches, chapels, and religious buildings across Europe.

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Ange Déchu | France

The beautiful former Gothic chapel in the south of France that was over-grown for many a year - this is looking South.

Royal Blue Hue | Romania

This church was built in a very remote location, with barely a house for miles. I could hear only the sounds of birds as I created this work on an overcast day.

Distinguished Greens | United Kingdom

This beautiful colour pallet sits on the walls of a small chapel in Wales. Wales has 100's of vacant chapels, however to come across one like this these days one needs to dig deeper. I used to pass this spot as a child on the way to Barmouth beach on day trips with my Father.

Gold & Green | Italy

A small chapel destroyed in an earthquake in the 2000s, with interesting gold hues. Nature has started claiming back the space - I had to wait until late in the day to capture this work, waiting for the sun casting nasty shades onto the scene to move.

Golden Light | Italy

Stunning light enters this former private chapel in Italy. it resides on the grounds of a huge estate - a palace that has been disused for a very long time.

Bright Green | Italy

Stunning architecture in this former chape in Northern Italy. I like the concept of incorporating a little of the ceiling above into frame.

The Dome | United Kingdom

This decaying building was once a theatre before being converted into a church. I visited a few times over a six week period as the light was ever changing. Unusually positioned in an interesting area of London.

Crucifixion | Poland

A stunning light ray enters a small wooden church in rural Poland, a country I visited many times prior to obtaining a camera. Poland is full of little ornate chapels, huge palaces and much more.

Golden Hour | Italy

A beautiful chapel in rural Italy, that I visited during golden hour in April 2018. The chapel was hit by an earthquake. The whole town was out watching as by the end of the shoot - some that can happen quite a lot in remote areas.

Subsidence | United Kingdom

The stunning roof is what is left sitting inside this former chapel in Wales. Many of these places are being turned into homes now, this is because the chapels are usually flanked by residential homes and come complete with little gardens.

The Grand Entrance | France

The stunning stairs that lead up to this huge and dramatic abandoned monastery chapel in France.

Statues | France

Inside that dramatic chapel - this is both ornate and huge! Climbing up on the balcony took some doing.

The Podium | Belgium

This speaker plinth inside a huge derelict church in Belgium - a challenge to get inside, but totally worth it as the light was superb.

Ange Déchu Nord | France

The beautiful former Gothic chapel in the south of France that was over-grown for many a year - this is looking North from the ground floor.

Red & Gold | Italy

The small corridor that made for an interesting composition. This resides in a former religious monastery, located on an island in central Italy.

The Rainbow | France

A stunning rainbow coloured chapel in France. We weren't sure that we would get in originally on a freezing cold morning.


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