These formerly opulent places, which have been left abandoned for decades have succumbed to the ravages of time. In this 2017 series, I looked further afield towards ornate abandoned architecture across Europe specifically palaces, ballrooms, or halls in the UK, Portugal, Romania, and Italy.

This is my fourth abandoned architecture set scorned, which means to treat or regard with contempt or disdain or refuse to do something because one is too proud, such as repair and replace – something that rings true with this set of interiors.

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Viewpoint | Italy

A three shot vertical panoramic looking out of a derelict villa in Italy towards what looks, or reminds me of the plains of Africa.

Downward Spiral | Portugal

A beautiful staircase that sits forgotten that once was the key feature inside this now, very stripped villa in Europe.

Gold & Green | Portugal

A beautiful mansion on the outskirts of Porto in Portugal that required some careful negotiation to enter - via scaling the wall and balcony. I only had the coice of a 16-35mm Lens for this interior as my bag was left below.

Grand Central | Portugal

A superb central skylight designed to naturally light this large, but barely visible staircase. I loved all the windows and the details here, the ceiling was also something special inside this palace.

Pendant Styling | Italy

A somewhat hidden room of a disused palace in Northern Italy, shot late in 2016 but edited in the middle of 2017. Edited into an autumnal scene.

Under The Rotunda | Portugal

The Palace of the Counts of Ribeira Grande. It was built in the early 18th century by a descendant of Vasco da Gama. One of the largest Baroque palaces in Lisbon.

A Splash Of Red | France

A greenhouse that sits disused on the side of a large castle in the very South of France. Image taken in 2016.

Bathing In Colour | Bulgaria

There are two bath houses attached to a central pavilion here inside this amazing former baths in Eastern Europe.

Afterparty | France

A disused piano sits in a puddle in a conservatory, located on the side of a large derelict mansion in Southern France. I visited this abandoned place in the Summer of 2018, I opted for a composition looking through the nearby door towards the piano, as I thought it offered a different perspective.

rose coloured stairs in italian abandoned mansion

Rose Petal | Italy

I shot this large mansion in Northern Italy back in October 2016; however, I did not edit this piece until the Summer of 2018. This is the interesting and rose petal styled stairs leading to the 1st floor - a tricky one to line up without stretching the final work.

Jagged Edge | Romania

A beauty from the depths of Europe, a disused synagogue in Eastern Europe. This is a 5 x 4 ratio.

autumn colours in an abandoned mansion, Italy

Autumn Hues | Italy

I actually shot this large mansion in October 2016, however I did not edit this shot until the Summer of 2018.

Into The Blue | Romania

A stunning corridor inside a former spa or thermal baths in Romania.

Blood Orange | Romania

The difficult 3 shot vertical panoramic, inside the same spa.

Irregular Heptagon | United Kingdom

This is a rare example and one of a kind, a surviving early 20th century grade 2 listed building.

The Fountain (Herculaneum)

The Neptun spa has a chance, a group called the Herculane Project, based in Romania are attempting to save it - giving the stunning building hope.

Winter Blues | Poland

A piano lays in a very derelict, and now collapsing Polish Palace. I was aiming for snow and missed it by a matter of days.

Entry Point | United Kingdom

I opted for a black & white image of these entrance stairs that were shot at a former art gallery in London in 2017.

The Jungle | Italy

A collapsed floor upstairs inside a villa in rural Italy. Over-run by vegetation this space was located in a huge derelict villa in Northern Italy.

Balancing Act | Portugal

The skeleton remains of a former mansion in Portugal. To date, this is the worst structure that I have ever stood inside, a real death trap.


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