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Beautiful yet haunting photographs of abandoned places in Lebanon – once-thriving buildings now ravaged by nature and time are the subject of this fascinating, coffee table photo book. Lebanon is a country that still holds many secrets of what life was like there prior to the civil war, and more recently the Beirut port blast.

Inside, we discover ruins, deserted buildings, and glamorous architecture all tucked away from the public eye. These include the abandoned mansion of a former prime minister, one of the most remarkable buildings in Zokak el-Blat, Beirut, a once glorious hotel now bearing its war wounds, a 17th-century palace in Deir El Qamar, and a stunning yet unfinished passion project, where each arch of the structure reflects a different civilization.

The book features properties from North to South, including Tripoli, Beirut, and further South – with some lesser-known gems mixed throughout the pages. I’ve also included sections on the Lebanese mansion, containing some stunning Baghdadi Ceilings. And a section on the 2020 Beirut Blast recovery. 

My love affair with Lebanon started in 2017 when he began his research into locating interesting, unique, and abandoned architecture. That relationship grew stronger when he finally set foot in the country for the first time in 2019 and began uncovering these architectural delights – I returned in 2021 to complete this publication.

I have a small selection of signed books to sell and ship signed in October 2022 – first come first served. Despatched in October from Germany.

Publisher: Jonglez

Languages: English & French (Arabic to follow).

Over 200 Images

An incredible collection of photos that capture the abandoned places in Lebanon in unbelievable detail. A perfect way to explore this middle-eastern country through the lens of a gifted photographer.


Once thriving buildings now ravaged by nature and time are the subject of this fascinating, coffee table, photo book.

view of a Local

On the evening of 4 August 2020, 2,750 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate detonated at Beirut’s port, triggered by a fire in a firework factory next door. I asked Fadia Ahmad to write a few words for me to place into this book.



Back in 2016, I came across an article on Time.com which marked the ten-year anniversary of the end of the 2006 Lebanon War. In the article, they ask eighteen of their photographers to reflect on the images they had taken. The result was brilliant and touching and inspired me to research and visit Lebanon myself.

As part of my research, I make a working list of countries on a word document on Google Drive that I can pull up from my phone or laptop at any time and review and add to as I collect location and travel information and inspirations.  I quickly realised that as Lebanon is a small country, I would be able to cover a lot of locations in a relatively short period of time.

Another significant advantage (for me) is that English is widely spoken in Lebanon, particularly in the major cities of Beirut and Jounieh. I can also confirm from first-hand experience that the claim – that the country has some of the best cuisine in the world is true.

Lebanon has changed greatly since the end of the 2006 War, and this change continues apace. This was another driving factor that inspired my visits since 2019 – I am glad to have explored this beautiful and hospitable country before it changes further and before the influx of photographers and tourists arrive.

Unfortunately, due to the costs of shipping signed copies around the world currently - this book is now only available UNSIGNED from Amazon:


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