Decadence 2014 - 2015

This is was my first series looking at the subject of derelict architecture. Initially shooting in the United Kingdom, before moving into Europe. Some of the works displayed have won photographic competitions across the continent.

I titled series after my first exhibition back in 2015. The synonym of the word relating to the series is “moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury” which rings true.

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Decadence photo series by James Kerwin

Krankenhaus | Germany

A main staircase inside the mens side of Beelitz Heilstätten in Germany in August. This was in part of the bathhouse, out in the back slightly hidden away.

Time To Gamble | Italy

Taken in Central Italy inside a palace surrounded by lovely gardens. After ducking into the undergrowth we spent about an hour inside here.

The Last Dance | Italy

A small but unique ballroom, hidden inside a very old abandoned palace in Northern Italy. A difficult place to photograph as there was limited light inside.

Submerged | Italy

A small bathroom inside the Castle of Sammezzano which is an Italian Palace in Tuscany featuring a Moorish architectural style.

Silent School | Belgium

Château Miranda (English: Miranda Castle), also known as Château de Noisy was a 19th-century neo-gothic castle in Celles, Belgium. As of October 2017, the chateau has been completely demolished.

Obstreperous | Belgium

Also shot in Château Miranda this is the upstairs of the neo-gothic castle in Celles, Belgium. As of October 2017, the chateau had been completely demolished, getting access was notorious - it was placed high up on a hillside.

Poveglia Island | Italy

Poveglia Island is one of 166 islets in the Venice Lagoon off the eastern coast of Northern Italy. The locals say Poveglia is an “island of ghosts,” cursed with many unhealthy spirits.

The Greenhouse Effect | Belgium

Inside this greenhouse on a hot summers day was like being in a furnace - it really was, it was also filled with flying insects. A true example of Nature taking back in the grounds of a now fully renovated mansion.

Grandeur | Italy

This, believe it or not was the admin block of a long since abandoned asylum. The piano has long since been struck down by the bug known as vandalism.

All Fired Up | Italy

A large ornate fireplace inside a palace in Northern Italy. The mansion that the fireplace resides in is mostly stripped of assets.

A derelict mansion in the UK with the light on, and puddle on floor

Light Entertainment | United Kingdom

The dining room of an abandoned orphanage, which had working power for upto twelve years after its demise.

Award: Light Entertainment was awarded an honourable mention in the architecture sub-section at the Chromatic Awards 2017

Dilapidated (Congo) | Belgium

My friend Sam and I thought it would be an idea to throw sand and dust into the air to create visible and gorgeous sunrays.

Award: 1st place in the Architecture: Interior Category at the Neutral Density Awards 2017.

Departed (BRI) | United Kingdom

Shot in the administration building of a long since demolished hospital in Blackburn, United Kingdom. Taken during a cold day in December as a Blackburn Rovers football match took place in the nearby stadium.

The Magician | Bulgaria

Buzludzha Monument - An abandoned saucer-shaped monument in the Bulgarian mountains. Opening in 1981 and closing only 9 years in 1990 the building was no longer maintained by the Bulgarian government.

Heavens Piano | Germany

Shot in a tiny room in Beelitz Heilstätten in Germany in August. This was in part of the bathhouse, out in the back slightly hidden away. The reason for the “wool” on the floor is that it was used for a short movie - just 2 weeks prior to our visit.

Orange Glow | Belgium

A simple but effective staircase inside a former university. Shot during a roadtrip with friends on a very cold morning. I love the orange glow the banister gives off and the skylight helps with this lovely light and of course the mood - unfortunately, it didn't help with the tempertures.


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